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Better Health, Better Life!

Better Health, Better Life!
Newsletter 4January 2013
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New Beginnings & Letting Go
Is Your Water Pure?

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New Beginnings and Letting Go
Who wants a life full of rainbows and unicorns?
I certainly do -- I'd like a life where I never experience pain or trauma.
The reality is that it's the hard times that have molded who I am. It's the times where I've been on the wrong path struggling to find the right one that has forced me to dig deep, channel my "inner ninja" and take a leap of faith to improve my situation.
For many of us, 2012 has been filled with great triumphs and disappointments. Many of us have had a year filled with career challenges, illness, grief or other life changing experiences.
The seemingly insurmountable challenges that we all face, act as catalysts, which force us to think out-of-the box and find the path where we can live in peace and harmony with our true authentic self.
The key to getting on the right path is letting go; letting go of anger, letting go of disappointment, letting go of control, letting go of judgement, letting go of being right and winning ... letting go of what no longer serves you.
I learn so much from my children. This summer while taking my boys to the beach; my older son and I were having a deep conversation. He looked at me and said, "no one can make you feel inferior unless you let them".
He is correct - no one can make you feel any emotion unless you let them.
It is up to you to choose happiness, it is up to you to choose peace and it is certainly up to you to choose a path of integrity and truth.
So, dig deep ... let go and start a new beginning!
There are two mistakes one can
make along the road to truth... not
going all the way, and not starting. 
To help you on your new beginning, I'd like to give you a gift ...
As a gesture of appreciation and genuine gratefulness for allowing me to guide you on your path, I'd like to give you a $25 off coupon for a nutrition consultation or program - find coupon at the bottom of the this newsletter.
Feel free to share this with your friends, family and co-workers. The coupon will expire on February 28th 2013, so be sure to call and book your appointment today.
Wishing you and your family good health, happiness and abundance in 2013!
Is Your Water Pure?
By: Carol Fazari, RHN, RNCP
Water is the fountain of life on earth.  Without water, mammals would become ill and die of dehydration (within about 3 days).
Research shows, 141 contaminants are present in tap water with no enforceable safety limits and we have no idea of the effects of these contaminants on the health of the population. 
More than ⅓ of our nation's lakes, rivers and streams are unsuitable for fishing or swimming due to pollution.  Most of the contamination is from sewage, bacteria, run-off from fertilizer, toxic metals, and city sewer discharge.
Tap water is not a sound option when considering what type of water to
drink. Recent failures of drinking water systems have resulted in illness and (or) death in North Battleford, Saskatchewan, and Walkerton, Ontario.
For these reasons, I recommend finding an alternative to tap water. There are numerous companies that advertise pure drinking water ... so what's the best source?
Our pure water options are: distilled water, spring water, glacier water, and filtered water.
Distilled Water
This is arguably the purest alternative to tap water. However, it is also completely devoid of all naturally occurring minerals making it unsuitable for regular consumption. The World Health Organization (WHO) published a study showing that consuming distilled water can lead to negative effects in animals and humans such as an increase in extracellular body water and sodium blood levels. 
Spring Water
Keep in mind that the same contaminants that find their way into our lakes and rivers will find their way into spring water.  Therefore, in my opinion, spring water is not a good alternative to tap water.
Glacier Water
Glacier water is a good quality pure source of drinking water. But let's face it; there are very few affordable brands of glacier water that can meet all of our drinking and cooking needs. Perhaps if you lived in Alaska or Iceland this may be an option, but in most parts of North America glacier water is not viable.
Water Filtration Systems
There are many different water filtration systems available and there is much debate over the best system. 
Many systems claim that they alkalize the water to support an alkalized body system. Research exists on the importance of an alkalized diet for good health and I completely support this approach, however, the more important component of good quality water is the purity.
An important question to ask is: does this system filter out contaminants as well as alkalize the water?
Alkalized water is not a good choice if the water still contains contaminants and chemicals such as chlorine, arsenic, PCB's or THM's. 
The water filtration system that I use is reverse osmosis (RO). Opponents to this filtration system will state that it produces acidic water. I'm not going to argue that point, however, it is proven to filter 92-99.5% of contaminants out of my drinking water - to me this is paramount.
Once I have pure, filtered water I am able to alkalize it by adding an attachment that puts minerals back in the water. Alternatively, chlorophyll or various other nutraceutical products can be added manually to aid in the alkalization process.
Most health care practitioners don't agree on the optimal water purification system and (of course) each company selling these systems claims to have the superior product.  
My advice in choosing a water filtration system is: ensure that it filters a minimum of 90% of the particles in tap water, including organic contaminants and chemicals. Review the research on the product to ensure it is conducted by an unbiased third party - not just an "expert" hired by the company that manufactures the water filtration system.
Lastly, determine how long the company and product has been in business.
Ensure there is longevity to the research - meaning if it's a new, revolutionary filtration system with new research findings, you may want to observe (over a longer period of time) to confirm the research stands the test of time. 
Many people ask me if I know someone in the "water" industry ... the company that I recommend is Superior Water Conditioning. The owner, Jim Bell, installed a reverse osmosis system, water conditioning system and chlorine removal system in my home about 15 years ago. I've been completely happy with the products and continue to call Jim to service these systems. He can be reached at or (416) 985-3303.
Good luck in your search for pure water!

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