Thursday, January 31, 2013

Journey to meet to amazing men on January 29th

 It was an awesome day on  Tuesday January 29th. Had the great the opportunity to emcee and speak at the Canada Job Exp and North York, where he a great speaker join us Ed Mercer and Canadian Billionaire. H shared his story living in abandon home to become a billionaire and helping others become millionaires. It was very inspiring and special.

In the afternoon I attended the afternoon session of the Art of Sales event in Toronto.Thanks to Derryn Shrosbree from the Investors group for the tickets, my friend Brett Deguire also attended the full day.

It was great to hear Scott Stratten speak on his book Unmarketing followed by Rober Cialdini worldwide speakers and author of multiple books. Check out links below on clips on his talk.

Moral of the story.  Becoming a speaker I got the share the stage with a billionaire for a day. Get Connected today and you never know who you will meet tomorrow!

                                           Ed Mercer and Jim Pagiamtzis at Canada Job Expo

                                      Robert Cialdini and Jim Pagiamtzis at Art of Sales event

                                                   Authors Brett Deguire and Jim Pagiamtzis

More information on Eric Mercer below
Eight Grade Millionaire

Crown Diamond team and Oregano Coffee

Below are links to Robert Cialdini's talk at Art of Sales

Robert Cialdini talk at Art of Sales Part 1

Robert Cialdini talk at Art of Sales Part 2

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