Thursday, June 25, 2015

Book Review: You Empowered Strong


"You Empowered Strong" is a self-directed book and resource to help you live the life you truly want! Candy Barone, also known as the "Pull-No-Punches Accountability Powerhouse," helps you get crystal clear on the goals you have for yourself, begin to destroy the noise that might be getting in your way, and put together a customized roadmap with measurable action items to make your dreams a reality.

Candy's approach is direct and eye-opening, as she shares examples of from her own personal journey, along with interactions with clients, to illustrate the noise slowing you down or sabotaging you completely in being able to do more and be more. She shows you that you have the power to make the choices to destroy your excuses once and for all and create a sustainable way to become empowered strong! If you are ready to hold a mirror up for yourself and see you own truth, then "You Empowered Strong" is the book for you.

   "Candy takes you on journey with strategies and insights to empower you to achieve greatness!" Jim Pagiamtzis

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