Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Lesson learned from Gene Simmons

   On May 26, 2015 I attend The Art of Marketing in Toronto. It was has been an amazing experience to learn from amazing entrepreneurs from all over the world.

     On this day Gene Simmons  Singer, Author, Speaker and world wide marketing guru was going to share his insight on business, life and success.  Below is Carolyn Ellis from Brilliance Mastery

  Three areas that made an impact

 1st Language Skills:  English is easy. Challenge yourself  and learn another language and get it done!

 2nd  People Skills: Public Speaking and communication are important skills when you talk to anyone anywhere. Being able to share you insight and thoughts to someone to getting task, project completed is very important

 3rd  Start your own business: Having a plan B is extremely important. We all have a passion and we can monetize it as soon as possible.

 Gene Simmons went into the audience and did just that for most of his talk!     

 Moral of the story:  You may think his is singer but he beats to his own drum to his own music and make money doing it. We should all do the same for ourselves!

Carolyn Ellis  from Brilliance Mastery captured his talk

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