Tuesday, July 2, 2013

21 Connections July 1st Edition Newsletter

21 Connections Newsletter
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Events this month

July 9th
Patio Power 7 Amazing Speakers
Learn more

July 13th
Grow Your Business Using Email Marketing and Social Media at Camaraderie Coworking
Learn more

July 19th
Power of Email Marketing
Learn more

July 20th
Power of Email Marketing and Get Started using Constant Contact
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July 30th
Social Media Made Simple and LinkedIn at Canada Job Expo
Learn more

July 31st
Cash flow game/ BBQ
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Future events:

Wed August 14th
Summer Networking Bash
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Dear Jim,
July has arrived, Hope everyone enjoyed the Canada Day weekend celebrations!

 Lot's of amazing events  this month including Patio Power  next week on Tuesday (evening) July 9th. We have room for 150+ people.
Great line-up of amazing speaker, plus lots of networking and enjoying the summer weather!
Big Announcement
1st Episode of Blogtalk Radio this week featuring Patrick Bizindavyi  Thursday July 4th at 10:00am
Click here for show details

Appreciation Marketing event Thursday afternoon.
Event information
 Video of the week:
Jim Pagiamtzis shares information on Patio Power event July 9th
Jim Pagiamtzis shares information on Patio Power event July 9th
   July 9th  Click here to register

Spotlight: Bonnie Chan
Read more 
       Book Review: Get Smarter
       Read more
        Success Journal inspired by Brian Tracy
       Read more
Special events:

Patio Power July 9th
7 Amazing speakers to share, network and Chalker's
Learn more 

Blog of the week: 

Actionable Books by Chris Taylor

Read More 
Thanks for taking the time to read the blog, feel free to forward and share information with friends. They will appreciate it!

Jim Pagiamtzis
Founder 21 Connections
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Camaraderie Coworking
Jim is host(Monday 12pm-6pm)  and Community Manager

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