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Spotlight: Matt Green

Spotlight: Matt Green
1st You currently taking journalism course a Centennial College, what got you interested in the area?

 Well, I was always had a passion for both public speaking, as well as writing. In Spring of 2012, I had received two offers from Centennial College, one for Journalism and the other for Communications & Media Foundations. I thought I could just jump right in to Journalism or I could go in to Media Foundations, get a head start in many areas and then be a step ahead everyone else while having the options to go in to Film, Advertising, or Journalism. 

During the past school year, after having many experiences and collaborating with many different students, I realized that writing was for me considering my best marks were in those courses and I felt that it became my niche. 

I am happy to have taken that course as I have a wealth of knowledge and experience going in to the three year Journalism program in September.

2nd In early February you started interviewing various professionals in your network on your blog and have completed 25 of them, Can you share this experience and what you have learn from it?

It seems like a long time ago but I can easily summarize it up. It started with an interview assignment for our Media Writing class taught by Errol Nazareth. We were asked to simply interview an inspiring person to us and write an article about them for class. Simple enough? Yes; however, I wasn't done there. I decided that I enjoyed the interview and I decided to do it again for fun for my blog. I kept doing another one and people started to take interest in my articles. I eventually realized that this was a good way to build a portfolio for when I complete the three year program. It would also be a great thing to have when I start the program.

 After ten or so of them, I realized that I needed to specialize in something so I decided that Arts and Entertainment would be best. Musicians, Dancers, and Artists. I recently got to 25 articles and now I find people are calling me, e-mailing me, and approaching ME just to do a story on them! 

All this attention has started to become a bit stressful but I guess this is a good way to prepare for the stressful life of a Journalist when I finish school.

Recently I started thinking of writing a book. I'm constantly writing new content for it while continuing my interviews. I plan on continuing interviewing people and writing about them until I'm no longer able to write some how. I love it, it's great and once my books are in Indigo and I get to meet Tony Robbins - I can then say I finally reached my goal; however, there is no end in goals. I just have to keep setting more.

Matt Green
Journalist and Entrepreneur
Twitter: @mattgreen34
LinkedIn: Matt Green

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