Friday, July 12, 2013

Sharing on Blogging success at Centennial College (Progress Campus)

  It has been an awesome experience to go back to Centennial College to share insight and experience on my success on the power of blogging.

  Few months ago Susan Kates had attended a session on Email Marketing using Constant Contact at the Microsoft Store at Yorkdale, she was also a taught a career exploration course at Centennial College Progress. 
  I was invited to speak for the second time on July 10th on the topic of Blogging. It was great to share success on how leverage article into paid speaking opportunities all over Ontario region.

  Patrick Bizindavyi is Speaker, Author of www.journeymanstories.blogspot and  I shared a video of his presentation he made earlier this year at PodCamp 2013 in Toronto (see below)

 Look forward to making a big announcement of  major event happening on the Centennial College campus in November 2013. Stay tuned for details.

  Moral of the story; Stay connected with you college, because you never you know you may end up going back and sharing you successes with the future leaders who are entering the working world in the years to come.

            Centennial College Athletic & Wellness Centre at Progress Campus

                                                  Centennial College clock at Progress Campus

                                                Centennial College Progress Campus buildings

                                                   Centennial College Library at Progress Campus

                                                  Phil Lim and Jim Pagiamtzis at Centennial College

                                           Susan Kates sharing on power of slide share on LinkedIn
                                      Patrick Bizindayvi sharing on Blogging success at Podcamp 2013                           

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