Sunday, July 28, 2013

Need a speaker?

My name is Jim Pagiamtzis, and I'm a Constant Contact Authorized Local Expert in the Toronto area. In collaboration with Constant Contact, I provide free educational marketing seminars for small businesses and nonprofits.In fact, we recently worked with Microsoft Store- Yordale  in Toronto to talk about Power of Email Marketing  to their members.

Our educational seminars are just that: educational. Not thinly-disguised sales pitches, but workshops you can be confident to sponsor, and ones your members and guests will thank you for holding. We can speak on the hottest marketing topics and trends like:
Email Marketing
Social Media
Power of Email Marketing
Or let us know if you have custom presentation needs
Best of all, I am a free educational resource for you to use. Please consider me a key part of the benefit you provide to your membership.

If we can help you out, please  drop me an email. I look forward to talking to you soon.

Jim Pagiamtzis
Authorized Local Expert

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