Sunday, July 28, 2013

Swap Sity event on July 27th a huge success

        It was an awesome day to bring your dvd's, cd's book, and record to Live Green event in Downtown Toronto, as thousand attended Yonge and Dundas area to enjoy the weather and visit amazing booths

  Swap Sity was back for the 2nd year and it was bigger and better that last years. I brought some books and dvd's and got in return some amazing finds. Check out video and pictures below.

                                                 Jim Pagiamtzis promotional video before event


                                              Attendees lining up to drop of the cd's books, dvd
                                                Volunteers sorting through books and cd's
                                                              cd's being dropped of at check-in area
                                                Dvd's and book picked up by Jim Pagiamtzis
                                                  Jim Pagiamtzis sharing his dvd's and books
                                                    New Swap Sity logo being revealed

 For more more information on Swap Sity  event and website click on the link below
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