Friday, July 5, 2013

Cycling adventure on July 1st (Canada Day)

   It was an amazing morning to go cycling with A.J Parl on July 1st,2013. We started in Bloor and Bathurst area and went south down Bathurst Street toward Fleet Street and joined onto the Martin Goodman trail just south of that point.

 It was on overcast day and is was not busy along the route. We had great conversation regarding business, life and success. A.J Parl has had a personal success we were celebrating it has got into better shape in the last few months. He has completed the Becel Ride for Heart on June 6,2013 where he raised $4800 for a great cause.

 We made a way along the Martin Goodman trail and stopped to take pictures (see below), as we headed toward Etobicoke and Sheldon's Lookout. We got there and could see the Toronto skyline and strong current which was running that day. There were a few brave souls kayaking in the water that day. (they did have life jackets)

  Our journey did get challenging as we cycled uphill at the edge of High Park. No many of my friends had joined me on this trek. A.J Parl was up for the challenge!

  We made to the to Bloor Street at the edge of High Park and A.J Parl was very impressed with my cycling ability and had challenge me to do long and bigger route and join him on next year Becel event. I responded  "I am in for that!"  Continued along Bloor street all the way back to where we started and completed our 22km journey.

Moral of story: Go for a bike ride and you may end participating a big event!

                               A.J Parl  on the Boardwalk on Martin Goodman Trail near Ontario Place

                                       Jim Pagiamtzis give a thumbs up on Martin Goodman Trail

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