Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Book Review: How Can I Get Myself to do what I need to do? by Terry Gogna


         A powerful read that gives you insight and strategies on ways Terry Gogna shares that you can't control time but you can manage events in your day.

         Where you are a professional or seasoned entrepreneur you will learn how to use the P.E.M system  to have a more effective and efficient morning and evening schedule. Understand the impact of Present-Based and Future based events in your week. How you learn from "self discovery"  and learn about yourself and your working habits. Lastly build your own personal success environment and achieved all the success you set out to complete.

          "Much has written about Business, Life and Success, Terry Gogna  takes the complex and make is simplifies it because in the end he want YOU to succeed!" Jim Pagiamtzis

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