Sunday, July 21, 2013

Cycling adventure in Toronto July 21,2013

 It was an awesome day to cycle Toronto! Below is the plan of what I did, which some pictures and videos I did along the way. 35k trek. It went well, was prepared with water, sun tan lotion, digital camera. Met lots of great people along the way. Passed by a Triathalon at Ontario, families cycling on Martin Goodman Trail and people have fun playing volleyball at Ashbridge's Bay.

                                               Jim Pagiamtzis sharing cycling adventure on map   

Sheldon Lookout rock

Jim Pagiamtzis at Sheldon's Lookout    


Video at Sheldon's Look out               

Jim Pagiamtzis at Sheldons look: Video from Civilian

                                                     Jim Pagiamtzis at Ontario Place

                                             August 14th 11 Anniversay Summer Networking Bash
                                              Atlantis at Ontario Place
                                              Click here for more information                              

                                                              Ontario Place & Date stamp

                                                                  Ashbridges Bay Part

                                                   Jim Pagiamtzis sharing at Ashbridge's Bay

                                                   Volley ball nets at AshBridges Bay

                                                         CN Tower from Martin Goodman Trail

                                                   CN Tower in between two buildings

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