Thursday, February 9, 2017

Journey to working with a new author

               It was Wednesday Feb 8, 2017 a cold evening in Toronto. I had a fantastic meeting with a new connection I had made few weeks ago when real estate friend had invited me for swim at his condo.

           We ended connecting with guy in the sauna! I had no business card or cellphone and there we were networking, I know too much information! The moral of this story (yes I am saying it early) is that you never know where you are going to meet amazing people

            We met at 8:00pm as his condo on the 32nd floor at Telgram Mews drive (let me tell you what a view!)

              In the course of 2 hours I shared my story and then strategies and resources to make his books happen.

               He had some super awesome stories of persistence and determination about his life and struggles he went through. Very inspiring and empowering to listen how he pushed through his challenge and made his life happen the way he wanted it to happen!

        At the end of the conversation he was grateful for the information and excited that he had 2 books he wanted to write!

          Look forward to sharing his adventure of getting his book published in the weeks and months ahead.                   


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