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Event Review: Podcamp 2017 Feb 25th & 26th

  It was an amazing weekend of learning, sharing and socializing at Podcamp 2017 at Ryerson univeristy Communications building.

 There were numerous sessions to choose from over the course of two days.

  I had opportunity to do breakout session on Sunday at 12pm and blogtalk interview on Sunday at 4pm

  learn more

  Look forward to next year

Jim Pagiamtzis arriving at Podcamp 2017

open session of Podcamp 2017

left to right Tim Hodges, 2 guest, Mo Waja and Jim Pagiamtzis

Jim Pagiamtzis, Mo Waja and guest

Jim Pagiamtzis and Tim Hodges

Robin McRae session at 10:00am

Building your own digital workplace, the tools, tricks and techniques

Your work is the creation and application of knowhow and expertise and a digital workplace is both the essential infrastructure and the toolset. It’s the way to produce, manage and deliver work productively and reliably in a mobile, cloud and connected world.
Learn how an information architect, CMS consultant, content marketer and front-end developer uses a methodology of professional work that is all digital all the time.
You’ll see examples of the work flow, the modular content components and templates, the digital tools and services and the way work is organized in his digital workplace.
Blaze your own digital trail with these insights and recommendations.

Key Take Aways

  • a workflow for providing consulting and other professional services
  • authoring, editing and publishing tool recommendations
  • how to use CSS to make work/content semantic
  • ways to make your work/content findable and reusable
  • integration for work and external uses (e.g., WordPress) and users (e.g., collaborators on Slack)
   feedback: not what I expected! I left and went networking

Ronald Mandziak session at 11:00am

Podcasting: debunking myths and getting started

With so many myths and misleading information, it can be hard to start or know where to go or even what equipment you need. Maybe you’ve been told you need to use this, maybe you’ve been told otherwise. What is a new podcaster to do?!
MY goal is to help you figure out:
1.Why you want to do this and what your passion is,
2. Equipment: what you need to start and make a great podcast,
3. Hosting: free vs. paid or self hosting,
4. Myths about Apple, including the New and Noteworthy section,
5.How the bumps I ran into along my road can help you figure out easier ways to podcast.
By the time we cover all this you should be ready to record your own show and take the world by storm.

Key Take Aways

  • passion for starting a podcast
  • tools of the trade
  • Free podcasting Vs Paid
  • Tips and tricks
  • Debunking myths about news and Noteworthy
 Feedback: Plagued by technical issues to start with.Eventually got started Margueritte from Ryerson saved the day and got the powerpoint to work Overall session had great information on what you need to do a podcast

 Dianne Ojar Ali Session at 12:00pm

Becoming CEO of your company

What skills are needed to be the CEO of your company and how to balance the 3 skills: Entrepreneurship, Technical and Management Skills.
– How to operate and network within a budget.
– Myths of businesses why it does not work. What have you heard?
– The Digital world we live in 2017.
– How to position yourself and gain visibility and exposure
– Challenges we face everyday
– Creating a strong team

Key Take Aways

  • How to start a business on a budget
  • The skills needed to run your business
  • The resources and tools needed
  • How to gain visibility and exposure
  • Be the CEO of your company
feedback. Technical glitches again with Powerpoint, I stepped in to share to delay until Margueritte came in to save the day again!  She deserves an award! Overall it great information share and great Q&A discussion happened.

Podcamp 2017 shirt for sale

hashtag sign at Meet Vibe booth

Meetvibe booth showcasing new app at the conference
     Upsana Sharma 2:00pm session        

The Secrets of a Successful Social Media Photo Contest

       Telling the institution/companies/ organization’s story is of the utmost importance – however, collecting and showcasing these stories in a compelling way can present some interesting challenges. At our on-campus launch of Impact: The Campaign for York University, York used a social media photo contest that allowed us to seamlessly create a bank of succinct, shareable stories by directly engaging with students (millennials and Gen Z), staff, faculty and alumni and inviting them to participate in the campaign conversation. The success of this initiative established a new, more effective strategy for telling York’s story of impact moving forward.

Key Take Aways

  • Keys to a great photo contest idea
  • Learn how to successfully engage your audience to share your message (or "the hustle").
  • Software to use when curating and displaying content.
  • Measuring the success of your photo contest.
  • How to make your content last beyond the duration of the contest
 Feedback: Amazing session with great case study on thow

Upsana Sharma sharing

Upsana Sharma sharing powerpoint

Session at 3:00pm on Sunday by Will Spaetzel

Getting started editing Video with Final Cut Pro X

Final Cut Pro can be a very intimidating piece of software. But, once you learn your way around, it can be a very powerful, quick way to edit great videos.
I will demonstrate putting together a quick video: importing files, editing, adding titles & exporting

Key Take Aways

  • Editing Video with Final Cut Pro
  • Working with Multi Camera Video
  • Adding titles & audio
  • Shortcuts to make editing easier
  • Exporting video for sharing on the web 
Feedback: Awesome session wtih example of video done within the class and answered questions from the audience.

 Day 2 on Sunday Feb 26th

Mark Evans session at 11:00am

Creating Compelling Stories in Ultra-Competitive World

There is a growing appreciation of brand storytelling. But how do brand create stories that resonate with target audiences? What are the keys to crafting stories that drive connections? This presentation will provide people with a framework that lets brands tell stories that make an impact. It includes real-world examples, as well as interactivity, to help people understand what’s involved in good storytelling and how they can create stories that make a difference.

Key Take Aways

  • the value of storytelling
  • how to create stories,
  • a storytelling framework
  • real-world examples of storytelling in action
  • how to create their own brand stories.
       Feedback, An amaizng session with insights on storytelling and case studies to share the power of stories

Mark Evans sharing at podcamp 2017

    Breakout Session at 12:00pm

    There was a room available for breakout session so I took the opporutnity to share insight on Get Connectd 21st Century online and offline strategies that work. Talk about the power of putting a program together to teaching clients and individuals on any topic

Jim pagiamtzis shairing insigth at Breakout session

 Session at 1:00pm with Natalia Kantor and Jan Keck

Look F*cking Amazing on Camera – How to be charismatic on video

No matter what you look like or how much money you have, charisma gives you the ability to captivate absolutely anyone – a sort of magnetism that inspires confidence and adoration. Charisma is not something you have to be born with – you can cultivate it. The surest way to develop effective communication known as charisma is by being on video.
We combined the best body language practices and voice techniques, with neuro linguistic programming methodology to help you develop confidence, charisma and perform flawlessly on camera, so you can build instant connection with your audience. Plus we’ll share our 3 proven steps to overcome performance anxiety, so you can make an impact with your voice and message.

Key Take Aways

  • How to overcome the fear of video
  • 3 proven steps to overcome performance anxiety
  • How to build instant connection with your audience in 3 easy ways
  • Learn body language tricks that make you look very confident
 Feedback: Awesmone session that was interactive and educational.

bonue: I got to share my expereince taking their course in December 2016

Natalia Kantor Sharing

 Session at 2:00pm with Rashni Bindra

Social Media and Fashion is the New Eye Candy

Pearls & Sequence is a strategic project coordination company that focuses on social media for start-ups and small businesses.
In this session, we will cover how bloggers now are considered to have higher market value than exclusive fashion industry professionals, and why top brands prefer to work with those influencers. Social media has changed how fashion weeks are presented, how their collections are sold and why the industry is in a bit of a chaos. This session will help industry specialists go the extra mile. We will cover in-depth on how fashion brands demonstrate substantial success with the use of social media channels. These strategies have allowed them to establish a more personal relationship with their consumers than ever before. Such brands such as Burberry, Tiffany & Co., DKNY, Michael Kors and Nike have used social media to change the way brands interact with their clients.
You will learn about the many social media tools and platforms to achieve social media success while identifying what is suitable for your fashion brand. Furthermore, you will learn that you don’t just have to be a blogger to be a person of influence in the fashion industry, you will learn all the fundamental tools. If you do decide to take the path of wanting social media success in a highly competitive industry, you will learn to become a role model in this session.

Key Take Aways

  • To be a Fashion Influence
  • Enhance your Brand Image
  • Master in Becoming Visually Creative
  • How to dominate your industry with these platforms
  • Become More Reputable and Respected in Global Fashion Industry

 Feedback, Great sessionon strategies and stories from the fashion world. She also shared insight on have a great looking business card


Get Connected 21st Century Success Skills shared with Podcamp group live! at the Imperial Pub with great audience.

 Thanks to Tim Hodges for the interview Listen to show 


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