Sunday, February 12, 2017

Journey to be on movie set with my bike (Machine) Tv Pilot

 I was on way downtown for a dinner when I got text from casting producer (never happens) asking if I had a bike and If so can I be get downtown that evening.

After a few text I was of like a flash! What do Is see on the subway? Guy on a bike (hardly ever see that!)

 In the end I get on set with time to spare. Speed racer on the street of Toronto.

Thanks goodness of bike lanes.

It was fun evening on set. Multiple scenes outside. It very cold!  We had great scene where they used my feet for few takes. Saw guy put his hand on fire and we ended with crazy car scene that supposed be taking place in Iran. Fun times!

corner of Queen and college

Guy with his bike on the TTC train

Jim pagiamtzis and his bike making money!!!

heavey duty police officer in gear

Jim Pagiatmzis wearing polic mask

panorama shot

Jim Pagiamtzis looking Irania

Michelle Cormier and Jim Pagiamtzis

Car for final climactic scene

Two officers bossing us around

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