Thursday, February 23, 2017

Event Review: Entrepreneurship week :Ignite your Ideas at Microsoft Store- Yorkdale Shopping Mall (Toronto)

 It was an amazing evening to learn, speak and socialize about entrepreneurship at the Microsoft Store at Yorkdale shopping Mall in Toronto

  I had invited Bonnie Chan, Cheryl Rankin and Sujit Reddy to join in panel discussion on questions about entrepreneurship.
   We had professionals and business owners from various business join us for the discussion.

    Savie Persaud Community Manager shared the outline for the evening, featuring video by Scott Duffy Tv. Radio host, keynote, speaker and Brand ambassador on three key areas of success for entrepreneurs.

  Caden Forbes Business Sales Specialist shared insights on what Microsoft does in-store and in the community to work and assist entrepreneurs to succeed in business.

 We concluded by answering questions that were curated by Savie Persaud and her staff. We talked about mentorship, coaching and how to handle the ups and down of entrepreneurship.

   Bonnie Chan shared insights on great App called Headspace and conclued that we all have great community of people around us that can synergize with.

    Cheryl Rankin talked about the ability to develop and plan for your busines and stick to it. Having a coach to keep accountable is importnt

  Sujit K Reddy sharing insights on his HR Experience and how you working with right people is important to success

   Jim Pagiamtzis shared stories of how his mentors empowered and encourage him to move forward and take action to succeed.


Welcome to Entrepreneurship Week 2017

Scott Duffy sharing video segment on enterpreneur success

Caden Forbes addressing the audience

Paneltists Bonnie Chan, Jim Pagiamtzis, Cheryl Rankin and Sujit Reddy

Speaker gifts from  Microsoft notepad, business card holder, pen, stress ball and coffee mug


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