Monday, February 27, 2017

Event Review: The 15th Annual Actra Awards in Toronto (2017)

           It was great experience to attend the Actra Toronto awards as a special guest of Actra on Saturday evening at the Carlu in Toronto

                I have only been involved in the acting industry for a few short years, Actra has been a great community to be part of, have met so many great actors, actresses, producer and behin the scene professionals who make movie magic,

    It was very special night since Yannick Bisson was receiving at Award of Excellence for his 35 years in the acting industry. I have been a school mate of Yannick very early in acting career when he was just getting started. 

   It was busy weekend and didn't have a chance to speak with, I took a picture and shared the story on Instagram and Facebook.

           CBC's Kim Convenience was the big winner of the night winner best ensemble show and Jean Yoon winning Outstanding Performance-female

             For more informatin read more  more on Kim Convenience read more

Yannick Bisson at Actra Media wall

Yannick Bisson accepting the Award of Excellence

Constantine Meglis and Jim Pagiamtzis

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