Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Event Review: International Networking Day in Toronto #bizconnect

  It was great day to learn, speak and socialize the International Networking Day held at the Hardrock Cafe in downtown Toronto.

  There 4 speaking session in the afternoon and later in the day it was all about networking!

 It was amazing day to make new connections, building new relationship and work on some collaboration deals!

 Look forward to working with the entrepreneur below

 Ken Wells. work with him to set up is new podcast show.
 Leigh Mitchell to evaluate her website
Rods Lokaisingh  thanks for the amazing prize! (see below)
Jessie Christo have him on my radio show soon to share about his book
Dorie Chung collaborate with her to help some professionals get their booksdone

Also did amazing Facebook Live later in the evening.

 Learn, Speak and Socialize is what I do!

Pull Pork Poutine at the Hardrock Cafe at Yonge and Dundas

Jim pagiamtzis at Hard Rock Cafe Toront (Yonge and Dundas)

Connecting you

Panel talking about Follow up

             Won a przie  Rosa Lokaisingh Connecting You. Embroider cup, chocolate cups. clip with lips and access to her sessions.


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