Monday, February 27, 2017

Celebrities of the Month: February 2017

    It has been a faboulous February meeting some awesome professionals and Entrepreneurs

Carmine Tullio President of Universi

Rodney, Sujit Reddy, Jim Pagiatmzis, guest at Superbowl L1 party

Jim Pagiatmzis at Bizconect event Feb 2017 at Hardrock Cafe

Jim Pagiamtzis and Centennial College Banner at DECA February 2017

Young Entrepreneur Make your pitch representatives

Jim Pagiamtzis and bike on set The Machine tv pilot being photobomb by BG actor

Michelle cormier and Jim Pagiamtzis on set The Machine pilot tv Feb 10,2017

Heavy Gear police officers on The Machine Pilot TV Feb 10,2017

Tonya Hofmann and my autograph
Jim pagiatmzis and cash flow players on Feb 16,2017 at Microsoft Store

Randy Ramadhin and cash flow player at Microsoft Store on Feb 16,2017
Randy Ramadhin and happy Cash flow players on Feb 16,2017 at Microsoft Store in Toronto

Entrepreneurship week at Microsft Store Yorkdale L to  R  Bonnie Chan, Jim Pagiatmzis , Cheryl Rankin and Sujit Reddy

Warren Falkenstein and Jim Pagiatmzis at Public Speakers Association toronto Feb 23rd

Jim Pagiamtzis speaking at PSA Toronto on Power of video for you business

Tim Hodges, 2 guests, Mo waja and Jim Pagimtzis at podcamp 2017

Jim Pagiamtzis and Mo Waja and guest at Podcamp 2017

jim Pagiamtzis and Tim Hodgesa at Podcamp2017

Jim pagiamtzis at Icefest 17

Jim Pagiamtzis and Miss Canada

Jim Pagiamtzis at Icefest17


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