Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Journey to interview and casting call on Tuesday February 14th

   It was hectic day on February 14th

       I had job interview at 11:00am at Jobilico in Toronto for Business Development position. Interview by two people for nearly 1hr.  Went very well, look forward to an offer!

       Then I went to  Tim Hortons at 11:44am for lunch and had some time before my audition in a few hours for a Real Estate Case Study.As I tried to get WIFI access I heard breaking news from a young kid behind me that the Toronto Raptors had made a trade and let go Terence Ross, this kid was freaking out!

       I called my friend Sujit Reddy to speaking to him about few things and he told me there was a six alarm fire in the Yonge and St.Clair area. Lots of firetruck and crews on scene.

           My Audition at 1:40pm finally happened. I was very nervous but I went through my lines littel to quickly. The producer ask me to read fro someone else and that went well.

        Have a hectic day is good thing to keep you moving and keep active!

Snow man on my street

Jobilico front office

Jobilico mantra

My lunch at Tim hortons on Richmond and Spadina
Jim Pagiamtzis looking like a real estate agent

CN Tower from King and

mural is getting demolished on Wellingston street west

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