Friday, February 17, 2017

Event Review: Cash flow in Toronto

    It was an awesome evening to play the Cash flow game in downtown Toronto at the Microsoft Store (Eaton Centre)

    It was the first time using this space to play the board game. We had been  promoting event for 5 weeks had got lots of interest!

    I got here at 6:30pm to prepare the space. In about 10 minutes with the assistance of the community manager had brought  another folding table was brought out

  I had prepared a simple powerpoint to example the details fo the game to the new participants.

   At 7:10pm we started the first game with mostly new people and few of  them who had played it once, quickly decided to pair them up and explain the rules and get started!

       The second group of  attended came a few minutes later with Randy Ramadhin who showed up around 7:30pm because he couldn't find the Microsoft Store, he went so far to post on Facebook where is the Microsoft store?

    The games were in full force and everyone was focused on playing and moving with flow of understand the rules of engagement

    As we near the 8:45pm (we play expedited game) 2 teams at our table had made it out of the Rat Race and into the Fasttrack and were trying to land on their dream!

  The other table they 2 people get out and were on the fasttrack

   Everyone enjoyed themselves at the end and were looking forward to the playing Cash flow game learning more about the financial literacy and risk tolerance in their lives.

  Our next game is April 2017 stay tuned..



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