Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Spotlight: Daisy Hsieh Founder of Ucreate Studio

  It was October 2012 and I was speaking for the 1st time at the SOHO event in Toronto on Social Media Made Simple. It was great experience to share strategies with entrepreneurs and professionals on how they can leverage social media effectively in the 21st Century.

At the after-party had a great time networking and meeting vendors and participants from the event.

During the event I met Daisy Hsieh founder of Ucreate Studio, she was taking photographs of  the event. I was with my friend Brett Deguire and Randy Ramadhin  who are both real estate investors. It was picture time and we took lots of pictures with our camers and Daisy's  camera.

After the event I got pictures from Daisy Hsieh few days later and was amazing of clarity and quality of the pictures. I invited her to numerous event in November and December.

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                                   Jim Pagiamtzis and Daisy Hsieh  at SOHO October 2012

                                                          Photo for 21connections.ca

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