Sunday, March 24, 2013

Harlem Shake video shoot and Jacques Berge Birthday at The Rize Studios

 Few  weeks ago I got nvitation from Jacques Berge inviting me to his Birthday Party at The Rize Studios where he was going to do a Harlem shake video! I was excited to participate. Check out You Tube to see Harlem Shake videos that have been done! 

 We had an awesome time and look forward to sharing the videos in the next few weeks!

Stay tuned...

Thanks to  The Rize Studios
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Twitter @TheRizeStudios

                                                          Andrew doing the video for Harlem Shake

                                                    Chantra Tram, Jim Pagiamtzis and  Angela Cavallin

                                                         D.J's working on the music for Harlem Shake

                                       Jim Pagiamtzis and Jacques Berge  celebrating Harlem Shake!

                                                    Jacques Berge celebrating birthday with cake

 Peter Coyne and Jim Pagiamtzis enjoying Harlem Shake!

                                                                Harlem Shake! is happening


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