Sunday, March 17, 2013

Lessons from the Rink

I was always fascinated in learning how to skate for many years watching Saturday night hockey. I had ventured out to skate in my neighborhood rink at Christie Pits rink. 

From early December to late February I have been going skating at Christie Pits to improve my abilities and to have some fun playing shinny hockey. Below are some insights on some of my experiences.

Every day week would be different experience, mainly because of  the weather, it would affect the ice conditions. There was a Zamboni that would come in the morning and evening to clean the ice.
December and January we had very mild conditions so the turnout was big at the rink. I would say “there coming out of the woodwork did I miss an email?”.

We would play five a side and have 15 more on the bench, it worked out well and the players would change often.

We did have some days where the snow would come down and we would be pressed into service. There were four shovel on site and lots of enthusiastic plays who wanted to play hockey! 

In true team spirit we shoveled and using our sticks  to make it happen.

There were great passes made, goals scored and team building moments shared.  

On the bench we screamed  We want a goal!  to  Look at the guy skate!

We had some amazing women who came out to skate and put on some great moves on the guys and have fun!

Huge thanks to Germaine and Alex for keeping everything in order.

Below are a few pictures:
                                    Jim  Pagiamtzis at Christie Pits Ice rink

                                                           Shinny at Christie Pits

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