Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Book Review: The Life of Your Choice

I first met Daniel Bax at Meet up event in late 2012 in Toronto, where I heard his about his amazing story. We had since crossed paths at few other event after that and in early 2013 I had got a copy of his book The Life of Your choice - Moving from "oh,No" so "Oh Wow!".

Daniel Bax was living the life he want, he had two great business  and was enjoying life. Until 2005 he had a terrible motorcycle accident which changed everything in his life. There were doctors and many other experts who advised Daniel of a terrible life for him. Through his determination, persistence and very supportive family he has made an amazing recovery and now is sharing his success with other survivors and empower and inspiring everyone he meets and read his book. That they can win and succeed in their life also!

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