Sunday, March 17, 2013

Sharing blogging success at Centennial College with the Journeyman

  It was great experience to speak at Centennial College (Progress Campus) on March 14 to students in Career Building class. I had met their teacher Susan Kates  the previous month at event where I was speaking on Social Media using Constant Contact.

  I had shared during my talk that I was an alumni of Centennial and had written numerous article for the Ascent magazine and had participated in speaking series in 2011.

 She extended an invitation to speak to her students on the power of blogging and how to leverage it today. I brought in special guest Patrick Bizindavyi who is also an Speaker and author and has his own blog where he shares about his journey called the Journeymanstories. Click here to read blog

Jim Pagiamtzis blog
Click here to read blog

We shared out stories of success and how we had leveraged our blog to achieve success in building our brands.

                          Patrick Bizindavyi and Jim Pagiamtzis sharing at Centennial College Progress

                                                Patrick Bizindavyi sharing about his blog

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