Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Journey of Leadership

In journey of life we come to point in our journey where we ask ourselves questions as to what we want to do in our life and the impact it will make on others.

I had been raised by great parents, gone to school and done very well,  I got to point in early 2003 where I ask myself the question What is my journey all about?  What impact have I made?

So it began the steps of success seeking out people of success who I could learn from. In a few short months I met two amazing men who become my mentors. I would learn about business, life and success in a rapid rate and begin to take ownership of my life, making it not just an ordinary but an extraordinary life!

It has its highs and lows and there were lots of lessons to learn along the way. I began to make great connections with amazing entrepreneurs and professionals who became part of my journey of success.

In 2008 I wrote three articles for the Toronto Public Library on Mentorship, Networking and How to market and promote you, through the encouragement  of entrepreneurial friends I successfully leveraged  the articles into numerous paid and complimentary speaking engagements in Toronto.

As I continued to share my insights on the power of having great mentors and the impact they had made on my journey.  The article on mentorship ended become book “How to attract mentors for business, life and success”  I have shared at career expos, schools and entrepreneurial events.

As my journey continued I came across great book  “360 Degree Leader” by John C. Maxwell and world renowned speaker and writer on leadership and its impact on the world. He shared great insights and stories on leadership all over the world.

In 2012 I got hired by social media company and began speaking all over the Toronto region. It was an interesting moment in my journey evolving and speaking and sharing on other topics as well. I had now become the mentor for many professionals and entrepreneurs.

I had come full circle where I was being the leader and encourage and empowering others to succeed. I had received great feedback that began to get verbally and online regarding the impact I had made on others to succeed in their journey.  

You can also do the same by take steps every day to become a better you in current journey and have the opportunity to lead others to a great future

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