Friday, March 8, 2013

Special review: Matt Green interviews Steve Flemming

Bringing Friends Together

If you’re looking to connect with some new people and even make some new friends along the way, a great way to do that is to attend an event facilitated by Steve Flemming.

Flemming is an entrepreneur in Toronto, Ontario. He hosts three-four events weekly that bring people together in the Toronto area.

In 2005, Fleming founded the Soul City Social Club. Initially, it began as a hobby to “bring friends together, and to talk about important things in our lives.”

It was a chance for people to relax and share opinions and views on various topics. It became a hit, as friends began to tell their friends about it and it then took off.

In 2006, he began to realize that this would be his work in life. A job that requires bringing people together to network and have a good time.

When discussing the beginning of Soul City, he summed it up in great detail. He said, “It was just a real passion of mine, to start this and to create this, and I haven’t looked back.”

This is an example of a great character who pursues his passion.

When speaking about his events, he said he enjoys seeing familiar faces at the parties and feels fulfilled when everyone applauds after their favorite song is played. “It’s very fulfilling” he said, referring to everyone having a good time.

Everyone is given the opportunity to come out and experience something new. Flemming’s events are fun and interactive, activities include: dancing, pool, and board games. There’s something fun for everyone.

Flemming also hosts discussions about various topics including law of attraction, personal growth, and health and wellness. Members of the audience are all given opportunities to share their ideas, and views in a friendly and engaging environment. He also has guest speakers speak at events.

His dancing events consistently attracts over one hundred people. People can come out, dance the night away, get to know one another, and leave in an upbeat mood.

At each event, there is a song request board where people can go and write what song they want to hear. Music varies from top-40, 90’s classics, and hits from the past.

Flemming continues to find his own voice. He referred to his guest speakers and said, “I can become an inspirational speaker just like these guys.” He goes on to say, “As I grow and evolve, I discover my other inner gifts, the business itself can only grow and expand, and that’s what’s happened the last eight years.”
When asked about his personal highlights, Flemming said with a smile, “Personal highlights are when I come home after an event, and I can say that event worked, it was great, people really enjoyed that particular night.”

When asked about his future, he jokingly said, “If I retire, and I’m in a retirement home, I’d be organizing events, having game nights, and guest speakers.”

If you are looking for some laughs, and good company, check out an event hosted by Steve Flemming.
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