Tuesday, March 19, 2013

MoMonday at Burloak in Oakvile

  Monday March 18th was a magical day!

  I was Camaraderie Co-working when I got a call at 1:00pm from Dave La Fame ( I had met him at MoMondays in November 2012) He was inquiring if I was interested in speaking that eventing at MoMonnday in Oakville. He has speaker who not able to make it.

 I took me 3 seconds to respond  "Yes I will be there!"

 It was beginning to snow at 5:00pm so I got packed up and went to get ready for the event. I got there just before 7:00pm and was very impressed with the venue.

7 amazing entrepreneur shared the insight on business, life and success that evening.

For more information on MoMondays Click on link below
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Michael H Ballard, Richard K Zinck, Dan LeFave, Jim Pagiamtzis, Richard Zinck, Dave La Fame, Cindy Ashton and Barbara Schreiner-Trudel at Seasons Restaurant, Oakville.

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