Sunday, March 3, 2013

Book review: 10 Keys to Create Wealth & 10 Key to Create Wellness (2 book in one)

  It was an amazing book to read. Two books for the price of one, what a great deal!

 10 Keys to Create Wealth: To Fulfill Your Life's Purposes

Wealth is defined as "Wealth is having the abundance of resources  necessary to fulfill your life purposes"

4 areas this part of the book covers are

First, Wealth is a tool. It is a mean to an end. There is nothing innately good or bad about money and nothing innately good or bad about possessing wealth. Wealth allows you to do-to accomplish, to achieve, to establish, to create-what you desire.

Second, wealth is attainable by all people willing to pay the price of building it. Wealth is not the entitlement of only a few people. Genuine wealth can be obtained by all people who deeply desire it and implement the right strategies to achieve it.

Third, wealth is unlimited. Wealth is like artesian spring that bubbles up with an unlimited supply of water. Wealth is available to all who truly desire it and do right things to tap into it.

Fourth, Wealth is available in direct proportion to the things that give meaning to your life. Not matter what it is that you deeply desire to accomplish, sufficient wealth is available to fund your pursuit of that purpose.

It goes on to cover the topics below:
Income streams
Setting Goals


10 Keys to Create Wellness: To Fulfill your Life's Purposes

Below are few areas in this chapter that gave practical suggestions

How to Get the Best Night's Sleep Possible
1. Avoid caffeine
2. Avoid alcohol near bedtime
3. Exercise regularly.
4. Watch what you eat.
5. Give up nicotine.
6. Restrict liquid intake.
7. Establish a regular relaxing bedtime routine.
8. Put yourself on a schedule of regular bedtimes and wake up times.
9. Block out disruptive noise.
10. Create a sleep-friendly environment, including  a comfortable bed.

Great benefits from Walking

1. Invest in a good pair of walking shoes.
2. Start slowly
3. Walk about the same time every day
4. Increase your distance and speed over time.
5. If you are walking at dusk or early in the morning, wear reflective tape or clothing.
6. Drink water before and after a vigorous walk.
7. Ask a friend to walk with you.
8. Don't Give up
9. Find a family member to walk with you.
10.Consider join an exercise group.

 It goes on to cover the topics below:
Breathe Deeply
Drink Pure Water
Sleep Peacefully
Eat Nutritiously
Enjoy Activity
Give and Receive Love
Be Forgiving
Practice Gratitude
Develop Acceptance
Develop a Relationship with God

  Would like to acknowledge Lawrence Beesley from the Entrepreneur Speed Networking for recommending this amazing book.

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