Monday, December 12, 2016

Video Challenge: Big3 Kickass Video Challege Dec 5th-9th 2016

              It was an amazing week of daily challenges by BIG3 and we had way to much fun. (will post my videos soon)

  The awards were held on Monday Dec 12th at 12pm. winners below. Go to 19:32 minute mark to see them pull my name out of the hat


 The biggest surprise came at the end when I WON  free subscription to the BIG3 video course. Woohoo!

Jim Pagiamtzis winning the online course!

 Learn more about BIG3 video agency learn more

1. Most engaged in the Facebook group (including organizing a group lip sync video): Apryl Z Apryl Z Schlueter
Most vulnerable story: Zander Zander Townend
Most epic lip sync and best use of kids toys (plus for sending 30 personal video messages in a day): Bobby Bobby Umar
First video posted, Group Cheer Leader & Reframe Goddess Award: Shannon Shannon Glashan
Most “out there” Award: Brent Brent Kobayashi
Most “growth this week” award:  Miriam Buttu
Best Use of her beautiful voice:  Kristin Dorsey
Most courageous and accidental attempt at best voice award:  Fiona Birch
Best malfunctioning costume:  Nabeel Kassam
Best Eggs Award: Julian Julian Thomas
Best Mother & Daughter Video Duo: Lilian Maricela Lilian Maricela Motta and Ariel
Best Celebrity Appearance: Gary Gary Ware (and Kermit)
Best Mojo on Video: Blake Blake Fleischacker
Best Inspirational Teacher Award: Richard Richard Chan
Best Use of Location - It’s all about Branding Baby! David David Graham
Best Extraterrestrial Video Submission: Paul Paul Kodish
Best wig award: Nancy Nancy Mayer
Most creative Yoga Sync Video: Corrina Choe
Facebook Live Award: Alexis Alexis Dean
Most professional Lip Sync Award: Caryl Caryl Ayearst
Best endurance - lip syncing with a cold: Sujit K. Sujit K. Reddy
Best take action award (putting her book out): Jenn Jenn Turly
Best Motivational Video: “Procrastination Angel” aka Jeremy O'Jeremy O'Krafka
Most Engaging Facebook Live Video: “Starburst” aka Jim Jim Pagiamtzis
Most real on camera: Kevin Kevin Fairbanks
Best makeup / visual effects: Linda Linda Merrills
Best Personal Breakthrough: Isabel Alvarez Isabel Alvarez Arata
Best attitude “I don’t give a fuck what others think about me”: Jay Jay Dollarhide
Most traveled: Cassidy Tee
Snow angel and cookie award: Rebecca Rebecca Palmer
Best jazzy background music: Sahil Sahil Dhingra
For submitting a video from a wedding: Kristine Kristine Vanderplas


Video I did on Sunday before the Contest Started


 My segments.

 Day 1

Jim Pagiamtzis sharing 1st video for today's challenge #starpower #connector #learn #speak#socialize #leads #monetize $$$$$

Day 2
 Sent out personal Facebook message to

1st Brad Grosse wishing him Happy Birthday.

2nd Maria Rekut thanks for creating Public Speakers Association group in Niagara Fals

3rd  Tonya Hofmann CEO of Public Speakers Association for her support and encouragement

Day 3

 Your Superpower can empower other to do magical things #kickassVideochallenge #starpower

Developed and taught a course in Richmond Hill From February - May. The students actually listened and delivered memorable 4 minutes talks that I will never forget!

Day 4

Lipsync Video Journey's Don't Stop Believing

Day  5

 What's something you always wanted to know about #become #paid #speaker ? Please take time to comment below so I can provide you with a facebook LIVE this afternoon! #learn #speaker #socialize #leads #monetize #KickassVideoChallenge

 Become a paid speaker #kickassvideochallenge #tips #special #offer


      The online course begins. my first assignment completed on Tuesday Dec 13th



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