Thursday, December 22, 2016

Journey to being on set of If only a Gus Logan Film

     It was amazing day to be on set of "If only" a Gus Logan film. It has been a great experience to do various films this year. From large big budget films to small Indiegogo campaign.

 It was the case with this film which I heard about from Michelle Cormier (if you have read previous posting you should know who she is!)

 There was a last minute change of the location shoot for the day and it was being held at 961 College Street at the Smillin Buddha Learn more

 A place with an interesting feel and look for sure!

  It was very good looking cast full model and up and coming actors.

 I had recognized a few from previous films I had done in recently months. My fellow actor Sujit Reddy joined the cast as background extra. It was our second time being film in a movie.

Learn more about project  click

Picture on set of If Only thanks to Sujit Reddy for collage

BG actors of If Only a Gus Logan film

early morning shot or IF only a Gus Logan Film

If only a Gus Logan Film

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