Thursday, December 22, 2016

Amazing year in the being involved in the Movie industry. Read the articles and check out my Pinterest page!

Acting journey in 2016

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Movie Premiere: Blind (2014)

Event Review: Fan Expo Toronto

Lights, Camera, Action and 15 minutes of fame!

Journey to Background roles

Event Review: Film Industry Halloween Party

Journey into playing policeman

Journey into test driving Lincoln continental at Gentlemen’s Expo

Journey to playing gambler!

Journey to be Ad Man Smoking Cigarettes Part 1

Journey to Playing Ad man Part 2

Journey to visiting Ireland Park

Video Review: Jim Pagaimtzis  shares Star Power Story

Journey being part of Checkmate

Journey to being part of Virtual Reality commercial

Journey to being on “If only” a Gus Logan film

Journey to being part of Sex in the city (pilot) at Art Gallery
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