Thursday, December 8, 2016

Book Review: Everyone's an Artist


        Jim Pagiamzis Review:
         " It was an amazing book to read. The most exciting part was the story behind the fall and rise of  Dufferin Mall in Toronto,Ontario (Canada)."

The Summary

Discover what the greatest minds already know.

Can a Canali-clad million-dollar banker learn anything from a paint-stained artist? Definitely. Especially now. Creativity and creative thinking aren’t just important for business, they’re at the heart of scientific and medical advances, social and political and improvement, and personal achievement and satisfaction. Connection, communication, imagination and originality are just as important as our ability to calculate and code. The notion that everyone should be an artist doesn’t mean we all have to turn a slab of marble into the next Venus de Milo. (Where would we put all those statues anyhow?)
But we can nurture any inherent spark we do have by doing what artists do. In Everyone’s an Artist (or at least they should be), you’ll discover how artists’ habits, attitudes and behaviours can help you foster your own creativity, innovation, communication and problem solving. And you’ll learn how these artists’ tools can help you to achieve your goals, develop something new or be successful in your professional and personal life. In other words, you’ll learn how you can think like an artist.

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