Friday, December 9, 2016

Special Story from The Art of Sales: Alicia Bacchus shares how she got there!

 It was amazing a day of learning and networking at The Art of Sales on Wednesday, December 7th at the John Bassett Theatre in Toronto.

 It always amazing experience listening and learning from amazing speakers.

 On this day I had additional that made it very special day. In the afternoon session a young lady sat beside me and Randy Ramadhin who my VIP Guest for the day. We introduced ourselves to her and she was excited to meet us.

During the afternoon we had some exercises the speakers were ask us to do so Randy and I had continued our conversation with her. We share out insight and experience on being entrepreneurs and teaching financial literacy through Cash flow game we hold in the Toronto, predicated on Robert T Kiyosaki's books.

She was very intrigued and willing to learn more.

 In Alicia Bacchus own words her story below on how she got to the The Art of Sales that day.

 "I joined the Canadian Association of Food Professionals (CAFP) while I was at Humber. I received an email of a contest they had to win tickets for the Art of.

 I never attended this event and thought I give the contest a shot so I edited one of my old college paper and submitted it to the essay contest.

 On Sunday before the event I saw I won tickets to The Art of Sales and fortunately I was not scheduled for work on that day.

 I was excited. I opened the plus one ticket to everyone at work and current students at Humber. Unfortunately, everyone I know had to work and Humber Students were busy with finals.

I am always looking for opportunities to learn and build new relationships. I enjoy events such as the
Art of. I find it very insightful, as I am thinking about my future career.

and Yes I still can't believe I won those tickets to The Art of!"

Jim Pagiamtzis (left) Sharif Khan (middle) Randy Ramadhin (right)

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