Saturday, December 24, 2016

Special Posts of 2016

Quality Connections Matter (article)

Special Guest article: Get Up Stand Out by Ron Tite

Product review: Rechargeable Power bank

Product Review: Golf Putting Set

Product Review: Rand Hand Pod slink

Bike Review: Giant M2

Bike Review: Classic

Journey to being DAMN creative

Food Review: Qliocious

Zoo Review: High Park Zoo

Summerlicious 2016

Food Review; Asian Nachos

Special Post: Alessia Cara with Josh

Spotlight Feature: Soren Folke

Spotlight feature: Nelson Hudes

Spotlight feature: Marc Gordon

Spotlight Feature: Interview with Amy Thompson

Spotlight Feature: Chad Curran

Spotlight Feature: Alfonso Cuadra

Special Interview: Jairek Robbins

Special spotlight: Randy Ramadin

Special Spotlight: Kristina Kroner

Special Interview: Zeeshan Raza

Special Interview: old bike courier in Toronto

Journey to Watching: Captain America civil War with Randy Ramadhin

Special Post: Two glow in the dark pylons

Journey to speaking at DECA

Journey to speaking at Real Estate group for Todor Yardonov

Journey to witnessing BIG MOOn

True Story: 1 Yr anniversary of car

Journey to attending JA Central Ontario Governors Ball

Video Review: Jim Pagiamtzis sharing on follow up and follow through

Video Review: Jim pagiamtzis sharing on Star power

Video Challenge with BIG3 in early December

Special Story” Alica Bucchas

Special Post: James Erdt and 15 Success rules

Special Post; Change things up in romance in 2017

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Journey to watching movie at Yorkdale Shopping Mall
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Special Post: Power of my Tribe
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 Special Guest Post: Optimize your LinkedIn profile - Muraly Murthy (Canadian Immigrant Magazine)
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Special Post: Neil Paricha -Happy (Toronto Star) 

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