Saturday, December 31, 2016

Special Guest post: Looking for job is not what it is cracked up to be!


When I made the decision to go to look for a job, I never knew what I was getting into! I sent out resumes, cover letters and went on many interviews.

 My experience is not new, but the companies that I interviewed with from Fortune 100 to small mom and pop companies really opened my eyes to the craziness out there. I did some crazy work to prove myself also and met some wonderful people.

 I also met some certified crazy people. Just because I have owned my own business in the past and currently does not mean I am too over qualified or under qualified.

 I just want a chance to be me!

That does not give you the opportunity to belittle me or others.

 I am not better than others! I just want a chance. I bring a lot to table.

If I had a wish list it would be to work for a not for profit or Charity in communications and marketing (my speciality along with sales)

The non-response I have from companies are just plain rude. I am a good person and have a great work ethic.

 Please hire me! #Jobhunting #Careers #jobs #recruiting

 Written by Tina Gaisin

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