Thursday, December 29, 2016

Journey to being part of Sex in the City (pilot) at Art Gallery in Toronto

 It was chilly night in Wednesday night in Toronto. I had answered extras call for Art Gallery shoot at 401 Richmond for 6:00pm.

 Got on the subway to Spadina station and then short street card ride to Richmond street.

 Arrive around 5:20pm and made a quick call to my contact who impressed I had arrive little early, she was a few minutes away.

While I waited shot a short video of the foyer that was full of these small awesome trees and shared with my next work about my acting journey for the evening and the next day.

  The movie was Sex in the City type video done by a few millenial in the hopes of creating some buzz for a potential web series. All we had to was pretend to admire some paintings.

  It so happened I met a cast member for If Only from last week, her name was Tamaya, I apologized for not remembering her and that I had not met everyone that day. It was dark club afterall!

  We did numerous retakes and rehearsals in the few hours we had access to the gallery.

 By the end we began to fun with some of the actors and the lines they were saying. It was very cute commentary they had created.

 Look forward to sharing the video soon!

401 Richmond at Spadina and Richmond

rehearsal of scene

shooting a scene

Amazing Bike rack

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