Monday, May 27, 2013

Yard Sale for the Cure a Huge Success on May 25th

  It was an amazing Saturday to raise money  for the cure for cancer.  I met Kelly Zinger at the Live Green event in Toronto on April 12th. Her booth was across where I was volunteering with SwapSity's Swap Zone for the weekend. I bought  Swiss army bag (see below) from her booth.


 They were promoting the upcoming Yard Sale for the Cure event on Saturday May 25th all around Toronto. I have offered to donate various items for the event. She connected me with representative in the area and suggested some items to donate.

I am glad to share that the event was a huge success. Items that I were donated were sold!. From portable refrigerator, pink poker set, silver poker set, Hockey Night in Canada game, rattles and jamberee, various bobble heads and mini collectible hockey sticks.

Thousands of dollars were created for great cause

  Click below for pictures of event

   Sign promoting the day

  Picture of Volunteers

  Stuff for sale during the day

 For more information on Yard Sale for the Cure
 Learn more

 Great story

  Since April I have donated 15 boxes of books to the Goodwill in Toronto and created a fantastic library of books at Camaraderie Coworking in Toronto. Thanks for their support!

Moral of the stories: It's great to do some spring cleaning throughout the year and support some great causes.


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