Monday, May 27, 2013

Journey with my car and GPS

    This is a journey about my car (Honda Civic Sir) and my GPS unit. I have traveled to all parts of Ontario from Niagara Falls to the west, North Bay to the north and Ottawa to the east and Ingersoll to the West. One constant digital companion I have had is my trusted GPS. I call here KATE stands for Know And Trust Entourage

It was be an interesting adventure having KATE guide me through the streets and tell me where to go. It's a one way conversation unfortunately. She talks and I listen! (women you can laugh now). That's the way it is, she says turn right at the following street so I turn right. Sometimes she says so interesting things like "make an illegal U-turn" and I say really?  What if I get stopped for that, what do I tell the officer, Kate told me to do it!

As the years have passed KATE has been great to listen to, yet sometimes I do turn her off. (volume selection) reason being is a don't need her yet and I am enjoying listen to audio playing at the time.

Having a digital assistant has its advantages. It's a great conversation when I have guest in the passenger side, which is fairly often. I usually introduce them to KATE as my digital assistant or girlfriend sometimes! Recently my friend Bonnie Chan was with with as we were headed to a networking event in Vaughn and I introduced her to KATE and Bonnie Chan said without missing a beat ' Jim you have issues you have to find real girlfriend".

Patrick Bizindayvi  Author and Speaker of Journeyman Stories says "at least you someone on your journey giving you some instructions!"

                                                             Honda Civic SiR

We had our moments where KATE always seems to have the up hand even when I think she is wrong in her statements. In a recent trip to Brampton where I had a speaking engagement at gold course. KATE  says " You have arrived" I look around and said "really, where is the golf course". I proceeded to get straight and stop at local gas station and attendant said that golf course is down the street on my right. I went back to the original spot and surprise it was. KATE was right!  In my defence the sign to the golf course faced horizontal and not vertical to traffic, hence why I didn't see it.

 With all the technical devices I have today it feels like I am the Knight Rider with my own KITT (Tv show with David Hasselhoff in the 90's with talking car that went to save the day)

I have KATE giving me directions on my journey, audio playing giving inspiration, motivation and empowering strategies, Window Phone keeping my connected to the world and my trust iPad which I can use to make notes,audio recordings using Evernote (cool program). All that in one package!

Moral of story: It's great to have resources available on your journey of success from GPS, phone and of course living and breathing friends.  put those together and you have interesting stories to share at various locations building your success network of the 21st Century

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