Tuesday, May 21, 2013

De-activated my Facebook accound for entire week!

   A unique social experiment took place on Friday May 10th at Camaraderie Coworking (2241 Dundas Street West 3rd floor)

 Upon the challenge of Steve Dolson from 2 Social and Lyndon Johnson of Think differently they challenged me to get off Facebook for an entire week. Check out link below Check out video

 It was an idea that I had been "thinking" about for a while but had not executed for many reasons. One of the main reasons was that I teach and train on social media and not being on Facebook would have not looked good. The main reason that I did do it was I know I was spending to much time on it!

On Friday May 17th was the one week mark of the social experiment and I made it!  I was an experience and you know what? I am still of Facebook!  

Here is what I learned from not being on Facebook for more that a week!

1st It's a huge time waster!  Searching my timeline, talk to friends was good thing but that was it.

 2nd. I got to focus more on being more productive and focused on the tasks for the day.

 3rd.  Spend time on Twitter and LinkedIn. As a matter of fact I spent two hours on Wednesday search the careers posting and at 3:00pm that day I had a phone interview.That was a powerful result!

 4th I had better and productive meetings and email conversations regarding upcoming events and projects.

  5th. Nobody has missed me on Facebook!  I stand corrected one person has Arlene Gray texted me on the weekend asking if I had unfriended her on Facebook or she couldn't find me. I told her about the social experiment and she said "Good for you"

 In the end I was glad I did it and the only thing I do miss is speaking to few friends and uploading pictures from event. Result is I can always call my friends and post pictures on Pinterest!

  I have not activated my account and will not for now.

 Moral of the story: I challenge you to step back and evaluate you social habits and see if they being productive or wasting your time and energy.


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