Sunday, May 12, 2013

A prayer request with a twist!

It has been an interesting week and I was sharing with my fellow author and blogger Patrick Bizindavyi what had happened to me this week when I had made simple "prayer request" last Sunday evening.

I had looked at my schedule for the upcoming week and had noticed I didn't have any speaking engagement until May 18th. I decided to may a prayer request on Sunday night that it would great to have some more speaking engagement before the May 18th.

Monday morning began and I was make some follow up calls when I got a call from Lisa Kember Regional Director from Constant Contact ask if I was interested in speaking in Welland,Ont on Thursday evening, one of our team member was not able to share a new talk that had be just rolled out few weeks ago.

 I had heard Lisa Kember share the talk few weeks ago and had just done practice run through on my own recently and felt comfortable sharing it.

I agreed to go began to make all the email and logistical things happen. Had never been to Welland,Ont and I had my GPS to guide me along the way.

Then things got interesting on Wednesday afternoon when I got a text from friend Patrick Bizindayvi asking if I was interested in co-presenting with him at M-Bridge in Mississauga that night!

I told him about the prayer request I had send on Sunday night and he began to laugh for few minutes. I told him "be careful when you send you the prayer request up because when it comes back down it may be interesting!" 

Patrick Bizindavyi has a great blog where he share in journey he goes through in his life.

By weeks end I had done a great talk on LinkedIn your way to success in Mississauga and Grow your Business using Social Media in Welland,Ont.

Moral of the story: Be careful what you wish for, it may happen quicker than you think!

                                              Jim Pagiamtzis, Sophie Duan and Patrick Bizindavyi

Jim Pagiamzis sharing in Welland,ONT

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