Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Book Review: The Real Sexy, Smart and Strong

Enjoyed reading this amazing book by David Patchell-Evans. Founder of GoodLife Fitness. Living the Good Life his first book was awesome. This book is brilliant, fantastic and awesome! Below are some insights from various chapters.

 " I titled this book The Real Sexy, Smart, and Strong with emphasis on the real. So often we are seduced by the media images of what "sexy" means and we are convinced that there is no way we could match them. In today's society, "smart" often means being clever rather than having the deep intelligence that resides in the harmony of mind and body. "Strong" has come to mean powerful-as in getting your own way-or it revokes images of bodybuilders. All these are just illusions. They distort what sexy, smart and strong really are.

"There is only what works for you. However, there is one requirement: you must participate. You must move. Use it or lose it still applies to your body!"

                        "INVEST IN THIRTY MINUTES, THREE TIMES A WEEK" David Patchell-Evans

"Half an hour, three times a week-that's all it takes to become fit and healthy ans to stay that way. Sounds too good to believe, doesn't it? I'll bet you've been told that if you're going to get into exercising, you really have to "apply yourself" before you  see any results. Most people think that means spending hours every week on some exercise machine or lifting weights."

 "The truth is that if you spend only thirty minutes, three times a week, doing some kind of fitness activity-particularly a combination of stretching, strength training, and cardiovascular exercise that you enjoy-within six months  you will be better physical shape than 90% of the population. Fitness isn't hard. It's easy. What's hard is being unfit."

"When life hits you broadside, respond with the big A, your attitude. And follow your big A with the three E's  energy, excitement and enthusiasm"

                                        "UN-LIMIT YOURSELF" David Patchell-Evans

"Most of the limitation you think you have are the ones you have decided on. They are often entirely self-imposed. You might think, "I can't do this, I can't do that, I would never do that, my parents could never do that, I never played baseball, I've never climbed a mountain, I never, never,never.." -it's the old broken record in your head. Throw out that negative thinking right now! Learn to play a positive message in your head because it's all about attitude. After all, you are becoming the real, sexy,smart and strong!:

"Most of us sell ourselves short. We think that because we're aging, or we were no good in physical education class at school, or we're too short, too tall, too skinny, too fat, etc that we are limited. When we let these limitations dictate, we compromise our quality of life."

" Many of us spend our adult years shrinking into our limitations rather than expanding into our potential."

                                             "Perfection is an illusion" David Patchell-Evans

"Exercise can give you an inner and outer radiance that makes people notice you."

"It is our conviction that working out a few times a week can add as many as nine years to your life."

"Being in good shape, means you can sustain your sexual activity for a much longer period of time with great frequency over your entire life."

"All kinds of self-help book teach you that confidence is an attitude- and it is. But its not just about your state of mind; its also about your body. Did you know that you can alter your level of self assurance simple by standing taller?"

"Your posture is a major factor in enabling you to feel confident and attractive. It's not your individual features that count most, it's how you carry your whole body"

"Every time you go for a walk in the woods, step onto an exercise treadmill, or swim laps in the pool, tell yourself, "I'm getting smarter!" It's a double whammy- healthy body, healthy brain."

"Having a stimulating hobby, setting new goals at work, or learning a new language all have positive effects on your mental health and on our mind's ability to function"

"Laughter can be important part of wellness program. In fact upon discovering the healing effects of laughter, some teachers in India started laughter circles in their classrooms, The first thing children  in their classrooms do in the morning is stand up and laugh for two minutes. I'd like to see that in all schools and workplaces. There is also a form of yoga called Laughter Yoga that has become quite popular all over the world"

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