Saturday, May 18, 2013

Book Review: Cold Hard Truth on Men, Women & Money by Kevin O'Leary

                          Kevin O'Leary and Cold Hard Truch on Men, Women & Money

It was interesting experience reading his 1st book "Cold Hard Truth" on my iPad! There were great insight how he grew up and the success he had in growing of the biggest software companies in the 90's Learning Centre and then selling it for billions of dollars. Of course he talks about money he lost it and made it back. Great story how he got involved in the Dragons Den and the journey them put he through, is worth the read just for that.

This second book he talks an interesting turn when his has an incident in Yorkville in Toronto when he "bumps" into a lady who asks him a questions which spurned this book.

My business parter  Patrick Bizindavyi Speaker and Author of Journeyman Stories blog Learn more can relater to this story when he the same thing happened to him "bumping" into a guy on Yonge Street which forever change his journey!

Because of that conversation Kevin O'Leary takes on a journey on how to deal with life every step of the way from the time your born to your twilight years. He straight forward and pulls no punches in his suggestions regarding pernuptial agreements to loaning money to friends.

There are numerous straight forward exercises that he highly recommends you do and explains the reason for doing them. It's like having him in your wallet (read the book to get this joke!) 

I did have chance to meet him in October 2011 at the CBC building for the launch of 7th Season of the Dragons Den Show.

Here is exactly what happened:

Jim: Hi Kevin great to meet you (shook his hand)

Kevin: Hi. (he signs a card with his name on it)

Jim. I give him my business card which says "Get Connected Make Wealth Happen"

Kevin. He looks at both sides and puts in a folder and I move on

Jim. Not sure what he was thinking when he was look at it. Perhaps he liked the word WEALTH and Dollar signs on it!

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