Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Canada Job Expo huge success

 It was an amazing day at the Canada Job Expo on May 28th. We had amazing line-up of speaker and employers from various industries, financial services, marketing, hiring agencies, pharmaceuticals and many more.

 I had also invited Susan Fox Founder of Creative Links, she was going to share her Numerology with some of the attendees. Susan Fox had a attended a social media event that I had done few weeks earlier and where I shared information on networking and joint ventures. We had connected after the event and upon here suggestion we had coordinated with Canada Job Expo organizer to allow her to share (huge thanks to Sudip Mukarajee)

It also had some very special guest come by and connect briefly during the day. David Ayling and George Stavrou and Jennifer Romain.

Special Thanks to Jennifer Romain, we had met at the May 22nd  in Toronto with the White Collar Socials (meet up group)

 I had shared insight on Cash flow game we are having in Toronto on June 20th. She was very intrigued by the game and had never heard of Robert Kiyosaki books or his teachings. I brought her a copy of the Cash flow Quadrant to read (his second book).

Bloomberg wired services was there taking pictures! (were making it big time)

Huge thanks to all the speakers and special guest and attendees. Our next Canada Job Expo is in July

For more information on events mentions scroll to the bottom.

                                                    Speakers lineup for the day

                                               Jim Pagiamtzis and Aline Ayoub

                                                 Jim Pagiamtzis and Susan Fox


                                              Jim Pagiamtzis, Maria Judas and Jennifer Romain

                                                        Centennial College booth

More information on White Collar Socials
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Cash flow game on June 20th
Learn more about game

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