Wednesday, May 1, 2013

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  Subject: Walk it out in Port Credit with Betty Lou

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LifessenceApril 14, 2013
Lessons Learned
Your Modus Operandi
Your Health is Your Wealth
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Walk it Out:
Where: Port Credit
Meet at the Lighthouse by the bridge for a walk on
 When:  Tuesday April 23 at 10:00 a.m.-11:00 a.m. for a walk around the harbour.
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Please RSVP:
by e-mail at


Dear Elizabeth,

OK so it's April and it still feels like February! Oh darn...a negative thought...I am not supposed to have those!
Lesson's Learned
As I observe my grandson growing and changing, I am amazed at his fearless approach to learning new things.  His modus operandi is to examine everything with his hands and tongue first (some things never change
!). Of course that means every electrical outlet and piece of dirt on the floor. He just goes for it. His natural curiosity and fearlessness is awesome to watch. We are there to guide and protect him. So far so good! But he has experienced some bumps and bruises.
Life comes with bumps and bruises and sometimes the occasional full out crash. This can cause us to retreat and fear taking a chance. How do you approach life? Have you stopped being curious and trying new things? Sometimes our perception of an event can limit our desire to try new things. At our last wellness workshop we used a guided meditation called "Finding the Key" to visualize the key to our heart's desire. The key might be courage, hope or an open heart. What is stopping you from finding the key? Journal about it. Use a mind map. Put one word in the middle of your page and write whatever comes to mind.  (no screening or judging) Note what feelings and emotions you are experiencing. Validate those feelings. Where do they come from? Honor them.
At a recent financial workshop I attended, a fellow colleague turned to me and said,"Do you get the feeling it's too late?" Yes, sometimes, I have to admit I have that feeling but who says it's too late? Have the courage to have hope. Have the curiosity and fearlessness to try new things. Be open to looking at things from a different perspective. Try journaling. Empty your mind with meditation so that it can be filled with a renewed excitement about life and the many opportunities there are in a day to get closer to your dreams.

Your Health is Your Wealth
 A recent article in the Globe and Mail written by Carly Weeks stated the fact that in the next few years up to half of the baby boomers would have high blood pressure due in part to lifestyle choices. What lifestyle changes do you need to make?
Develop a supportive network who will encourage, guide and protect you as you pursue your goals and dreams.People with similar interests and a positive attitude. Interested in joining a group of women for a lifestyle retreat in Niagara Falls? Contact Me.
Passion for Life
About Lifessence
Lifessence provides workshops and wellness programs that lead to a healthier lifestyle whilst maintaining a creative approach to personal growth. Our Workshops are ideal for people experiencing changes such as retirement, career changes and divorces or separations. We employ down to earth and easily adopted methods that enable individuals to experience personal growth and find their passion.
Walk it Out:
Where: Port Credit
Meet at the Lighthouse by the bridge for a walk When:  Tuesday April 23 at 10:00 a.m.-11:00 a.m. for a walk around the harbour.
Get Active Get Activated!
Please RSVP:
by e-mail at
Lifessence | 1140 Parkwest Place #804 | Mississauga | Ontario | L5E 3K9 | Canada

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