Monday, May 13, 2013

Book Review: Chaos- How Business Leaders Can Master The Power of Focus


   In was been experience to meet James Burgess in 2011 and since them we met at numerous networking events and seminar. Recently attended his book launch for his first book  Chaos-How Business Leaders Can Master The Power of Focus. Below are some insight and strategies that I learned from reading his book

  On your journey

  It's About Your Life

  "Your Life Primary Objective is about leading  a life that is consistent with your innermost desires, core values and beliefs. It's a life that "feels right" every day and gives you a deeper sense of fulfillment  and meaning with every year that passes.You live this life intentionally rather than randomly."

  It's  All about You

 " Your LPO is unique to you. It's about  what you truly want for yourself. It's not about the obligations you have to others, and it's not about what others expect of you. Think only about yourself and what you want your life to be like. That's difficult for many of us."

 On Focus

 "Here is a final thought on focus, In the education system, listening begets learning and learning begets knowing. But it does not automatically follow that knowing begets doing. With knowledge comes enlightenment and a shift in emotions. But a shift in emotions rarely has lasting effect. There are simply too many triggers to prompt us to reengage in the unwanted activities which will only result in bringing us down again.Lasting change comes from shift in behaviour, not a shift in emotions. With this book I hope to motivate you, but in order to support that emotional shift, I also want to give you the opportunity to engage in a shift in behaviour through the various exercises that are included in the following chapters"

On Achieving goals

 "We live in a busy world. Many entrepreneurs confuse activity with accomplishment. Many of us are so busy we find it difficult to stop long enough to ponder such things. Let's face it. We can never achieve success in life without first considering where we want to go. We wouldn't set sail on the ocean without some sort of destination in mind in the hopes of getting somewhere.Without direction, we would be lost and just drifting"

On Customer retention

 " An important acronym to be familiar with is KYC or  "Know Your Client". If you know your customer, then you can set up your communication interaction to match what they want. Many of us are engaged in some form of  constant contact marketing to clients and prospects. So if we just blanket or bombard our customers with the same message, we run the risk of frustrating them to the point that they either stop listening, or worse stop being our clients. The tighter you can categorize  your customer, the more effective your constant contact will be."

                                                 "Focus, folks! Focus and practice." James M Burgess

On Networking conversation

The focus Eight Step Sales Conversation. Pick up a copy of the book to learn what these steps are! Learn more

On Business planning

   "Therein lies one of the most profound reasons we don't business plan effectively. Of our own accord, we simply will not stretch our comfort zone and intentionally commit ourselves to activities that may very well enhance our business's financial performance several magnitudes because we are scared of the commitment of having to do them. After all, if we know what the right activities were, and if they were easy to do, everyone would be doing them."

         "Business Planning is important, it has been broken.It can be easy, fast, sustainable and entirely practical!" James Burgess

As you have read above the are many great strategies and areas that you can learn,do and apply to create long lasting result in your mission. Get a copy of this book and attend a session soon. My mentors always said "Put yourself in the position to win" all the time.

This is a resource that will enable you to do that.Starting today!

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                                         James Burgess and Jim Pagiamtzis at book launch

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