Friday, May 3, 2013

Spotlight: Ron Vereggen

1st  What's the single most effective way to grow your business and/or career?


 The most successful people in business and in life have developed an effective network of contacts that they can draw upon. A quality network will help you develop your business, expand your career and lend a hand when time are tough.

 The Top 25 is bases on the universal principle that "Givers Gain" and is an simple way to build an effective, powerful and influential network of people that you can tap into. Let's jump right into the six steps:

 1. Create you Top 25 List:

 List out all the people you know or would like to know better. You want to surround yourself with elite performers that will stretch, challenge and motivate you. Select high achieving positive people that have outrageous personalities and different perspectives. The more diversity the better. Keep going until you have a variety of 25 names. If you are having trouble coming up with names think family, friends, peers, mentors, clients bosses, competitors, employees, business owners and service providers.

2. Meet with Each of Them:

 Take time to understand their story. How did they get where they are now? What challenges are they currently facing? What are their strengths? What are their interests? What are they looking for? What are their goals? The more detail the better. I suggest that you write this down so that you don't forget. You also want to get five business cards from each contact. Purchase a small business card book and keep it with you at all times!

3. Help Them Win:

 Now the east part. As you go about  your life, when you notice something that in your Top 25 is looking for, you make the connection. Maybe it's an article or book that they are interested in. It could be giving feedback or advice (only if asked) Perhaps it's just being there to listen and provide positive support.

Maybe it's connecting them with someone with similar interests, It might even be a referral! When possible hand out one of their cards (you are carrying their cards aren't you?) and follow-up with an email or phone introduction.

4. Give with No String attached.

To make your Top 25 work you need to be genuine. People know when you have ulterior motives. You want to be helpful and freely give your time and effort. Most importantly don't keep score! The point is to give without expecting something in return. We are tapping into the universal principle of "Givers Gain". If someone offers to help you or return the favor, jump all over it. Just make sure you don't take advantage.

5. Stay in Touch:

 You want to stay in touch with your Top 25 at least once a month. Anything form a quick email, phone call, cup of coffee or meal. Find out what's happening within their life. How has their story changed? How have they moved toward their goals?  Most importantly how can you help?

6. Upgrade Your Top 25

As you grow and expand you will encounter more people that you will want to bring into your Top 25. Go ahead! Twenty-five is just minimum. You also want to review the list and remove anyone that is draining your energy. Help and support then if they are going through a rough period. Put complainers and people with negative attitudes on probation. Drop them for your Top 25 if they don't turn around.

 It doesn't matter if you are in career or run your own business, having an outstanding network will accelerate your results. Surrounding yourself with the  Top 25 elite performers that you know will quickly challenge you to rise about  your best. Start building your Top 25 today!


Had the great opportunity to share the stage with Ron Vereggen many years ago when I first started speaking career in Toronto. An amazing entrepreneur!

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