Friday, May 3, 2013

Book Review: Living the Good LIfe

            Fitness and health are two areas that we should be more aware of and the affect they have in our daily lives. David Patchell-Evans or as he like to be called "Patch" has written a simple and effective book where he share insights and experience on how he got involved in the health and fitness industry, as well as client stories on how they reshaped their lives by taking ownership of their lives.

 Below are some great quotes and passage for the book Living the Good Life- Your Guide to Health and Success.

"It's about health. It's about feeling at home in your body. It's about allowing your body to become the best it can be. It's the feeling of energy and alertness you feel when you're in good shape. It's about confidence with with you meet life challenges"

"Everyone ages, but if you're fit you're going to age a lot slowly"

 "Your body needs and wants to exercise. It needs it every 48 hours just to recover from the stresses of everyday life. It needs it to maintain strong bones. It needs it to have lower heart rate. It needs it so that you don't  have fatty acids in your arteries. Your head needs it: If you burn off stress, you think more clearly. All these things allow your soul to be free, because you feel "in sync."

"When you exercise for 20 minutes three times a week, suddenly life become so much "tastier". There is a chemical reaction in your body that tells you physical activity is the right thing to do. You don't need to know the biochemistry of endorphins to know that they make you feel good and that they are triggered by exercise. And exercising is unbelievably easy. All you need to do, three times a week, is raise your heart rate enough so that when you're talking, you're gasping a little bit for breath - not choking for breath, just gasping. All you need to do, three times a week, is make your muscles a little stronger than they were, by means of what we call a progressive overload system. You'll notice within six weeks how much better you feel."

"And if we're going to meet the challenges of the 21st Century, we need as many good brains as we can get."

It begins with the body. Think of yourself as a house. Your fit body is your foundation. An unfit body is unstable foundation. If your intellect and emotions are the walls, and your foundation is fit, those walls stay up straight and help you hold your treasures inside. If the walls are vulnerable because your foundation is shaky, the house could fall apart. Think of your soul as the roof. To be truly self-actualized, everything below the roof need to be in good working order. Everything works together to make the dwelling place that is you."

To be your best
To be that you could be,
All you have to do is be.
You have to be as strong as you can be.
You need a heart that pumps and is not blocked,
Lungs that inhale and exhale with deep, full breaths,
Legs that stride and run,
A straight back,
Good skin, shining eyes.
Make your body your foundation,
The foundation of the good life.
Be your best,
But keep in mind
Good enough is good enough

--- Patch

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