Friday, February 8, 2013

Top Business Card of 2012 is......Carmelia Ray

Carmelia Ray (front)

Carmelia Ray (back)

It was an amazing contest that got a lot my friends excited learning about and participating.

My friend Bonnie Chan ask me "Was this you idea ?"

I responded "Of  course"

Bonnie Chan " Amazing! Can I use it!"

I responded " Sure go ahead"

Had all other friends email there business card for the 2013  contest!

Watch the winner being interviewed at the Business Connections event of February 5th,2013

                                          Jim Pagiamtzis interviewing Carmelia Ray the winner!

 Moral of the Contest:

   Having a amazing card is up to you and being able to connect with you audience is where the secret lies!

  Look forward to have a new contest for Top Business Card for 2013

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